Alert Display for mycroft Job: 48648:MYCROFTAPP1 WS: Last refreshed at 4:36 PM
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Runaway Job ;;Process 41885:MYCROFTAPP5, running routine %Z in namespace FDB, has generated 767285733 lines of code in the last period 3         By DESTEFANO,DEREK A
at WED DEC 12,2018 4:34 PM
Will Page in 15
Fax Resend ;/mycroft/spool/faxes/em05725572.err has appeared in /mycroft/spool/faxes 74 times.;/mycroft/spool/faxes/xr05726135.err has appeared in /mycroft/spool/faxes 27 times with Unknown error.;/mycroft/spool/faxes/em05725009.err has appeared in /mycroft/spool/faxes 247 times.;/mycroft/spool/faxes/em05724108.err has appeared in /mycroft/spool/faxes 369 times.;/mycroft/spool/faxes/xr05726108.err has appeared in /mycroft/spool/faxes 29 times.;/mycroft/spool/faxes/em05724835.err has appeared in /mycroft/spool/faxes 2 1         By CRAWFORD,DONALD
at THU DEC 6,2018 6:39 PM
Space ;/mycroft-data/bih/ has less than 4% free;/mycroft-sys/db/mgr/cachelib/ has less than 6% free;/mycroft-sys/db/mgr/docbook/ has less than 2% free;/mycroft-data/edbid/ has less than 10% free;/mycroft-data/ekg/ has less than 6% free;/mycroft-data/emr/ has less than 6% free;/mycroft-data/lab/ has less than 10% free;/mycroft-data/med/ has less than 4% free;/mycroft-data/nur/ has less than 10% free;/mycroft-data/omr/ has less than 6% free;/mycroft-data/ors/ has less than 6% free;/mycroft-data/par/ has less than 1         By GREEN,NEVILLE
at TUE DEC 11,2018 12:48 AM